Stephen Powers

I happened upon this article about Philadelphia artist Stephen Power’s work on a Macy’s car park in Brooklyn.

b545127b-4773-4a45-a451-537e139b7bee-1020x612 56b20f7e-a2aa-4eb1-9064-62d3e7baca81-1020x920

Euphoria -Photograph: Matthew Kuborn

IMG_0026 I love the way that he integrated local Brooklyn resident’s comments into the piece, both passersby and local. Imagine being able to shout up something up as they are working, then see it incorporated in later in GIANT letters. He and his team create really interesting work across lots of areas in the US, I love this one below in Syracuse – it’s so romantic.


photo by Adam Wallacavage

I was delighted to learn that his work also features in Dublin! He used a Fulbright scholarship in 2007 to create murals in Dublin and lower Shankill road area. I feel honoured that he left this mark on our city. These are in and around Tivoli car park.


See more of his work on his site –  he also has a shop – I would LOVE one of his prints around the house. This is also a good read on him if you’re interested, and more of his work shown here.

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