Springtime Inspiration


It’s been a long winter so always excited at this time of year to see the daffodils come up and the cherry blossoms and magnolia trees start to bloom. I’m tempted every year to get rid of my tree out the front and plant a lovely magnolia tree instead. Took a walk yesterday around Farmleigh house in the phoenix park and lots of the Magnolia trees there were starting to bloom – how beautiful are these fluffy purple magnolia blooms?PicMonkey Collagebloom


Last year was my first attempt at growing a garden, and had varying levels of success. Broad beans and rocket were the most successful, courgettes, peppers, chard, beetroot, onions all failed.

Here’s my plot last year – broad beans to the left, rocket on the right,


So I think I’ll stick to the easier things that I know I can grow this year. – broad beans, rocket, and spinach. And will also try a couple of experimental things – goji berries and cucamelon seeds – how cute are these? Perfect for gin and tonic apparently 😉

I’m starting the spinach and goji berries off at the moment. Spinach is coming up, no sign of the goji.


Victorian Covered Market in Dublin

photo 4_smithI was excited to hear the news that this redevelopment of a Victorian covered Market between Capel Street and the Four Courts will be going forward. I’ve often walked past this historic building and thought that it was a shame that it wasn’t being used. Other cities I’ve lived in such as Cork (English Market) and London (Borough Market) have wonderful central food markets that offer a great way to develop the food culture of the city/country and provide a pleasant social experience. There are great smaller markets around the city currently such as the Temple bar market, Dun Laoghaire market etc but having a dedicated large space for this will be a great thing.

PicMonkey Collage
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